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High Speed Dedicated Access

High Speed Access means faster than today's 56K analog modems. For individual users, it promises significantly faster downloads and more responsive web browsing. For family or small business use, it offers the ability for multiple users to surf the internet simultaneously, each sharing a single high speed connection. For businesses, it offers the opportunity to host your own web, e-mail, news servers, and connect some or all of your company workstations to the internet via a single, shared path.

In all cases, it requires a change in the way you connect your home or business to Midwestern Shooter Virtual Networks. This change means adding a different class of telephone or cable service.

Midwestern Shooter Networks offers many solutions for high speed access. Each solution uses a different technology to connect you to Midwestern Shooter Virtual Networks and offers internet access at different speeds.

Choose from:
  • 56K
  • ISDN-128kbps
  • DSL
  • Fractional T1-128, 256, 384kbps
  • Full T1-1.5MBps
  • Full T3-45MBps
  • Wireless


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